XcessRewards is a loyalty based reward system designed to enable a variety of businesses to issue and utilize a standard rewards currency.

Consumers are now able to earn and spend a single currency with a variety of different businesses. XcessRewards will work as both a commerce and reward exchange.

XcessRewards is the retail currency of the future and the next logical step in the loyalty industry evolution. XcessRewards will offer more redemption options, more valuable points, greater ease of use and more transparency. This greatly benefits consumers and businesses. Consumers benefit by accumulating rewards faster and having more places to redeem their rewards. Businesses benefit from higher member engagement, increased redemption, additional sales, and higher perceived value of their rewards currency.

XcessRewards features a robust rewards system which allows merchants to conduct transactions securely, and at the lowest cost possible while providing valuable rewards. Xcess Reward will aggregate deals, offers, loyalty and payment.

XcessRewards will be exchangeable with any other XcessEcosphere currency at any time through a decentralized exchange process.


Helping Business Owners To increase sales, move excess inventory and retain or bring back customers

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