According to various research, there are an estimated 10 trillion dollars of dead capital in the world at any given time.

This Dead Capital Can Be Categorized As Follows:

  • Unsold inventory
  • Unsold appointment times
  • Unsold room nights
  • Unsold advertising spots
  • Unsold clothes
  • Unsold concert/sporting event tickets
  • Depreciating stock
  • Oversupplied products
  • A host of others.

The XcessMarketplace will be buy goods and services at deep discounts, that would otherwise become dead capital, and sell them in the hybrid marketplace at close to retail value.

In cities around the world, we will be buying goods and services at close to wholesale or below (or even at liquidation prices), which will not be hard during and after the pandemic.


Helping Business Owners To increase sales, move excess inventory and retain or bring back customers

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Platform Adoption

This will allow for marketing the platform to both merchants and consumers. It will enable quicker adoption and use of the platform, as it will already be populated with products for sale. We will be starting with products that are in high demand to generate the maximum interest from businesses and individuals, thus creating our own “Amazon” like marketplace within the hybrid ecosystem.

The XcessMarketplace will include goods purchased at a discount, goods and services provided by member businesses, and goods and services provided by individuals who are not business owners.

The XcessMarketplace will utilize XcessRewards as its currency for trade within the hybrid marketplace.